Robert F. Kennedy
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There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why...

I dream of things that never were,
and ask why not?

Robert Kennedy

Bobby Kennedy Conference

JFK Lancer holds an annual conference each November in Dallas on the JFK and RFK assassinations. Interested speakers may contact us at JFK Lancer for information concerning research presentations. is a subsidiary of JFK Lancer Publications & Productions, a historical research company founded in 1995 to study the JFK assassination. Because we believe the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy is an historical event not properly investigated or presented to the American public, we endeavor to:

      • Contribute balance and expert insight into the public and media discourses on historical issues as they relate to the Robert F. Kennedy assassination;
      • Support educational courses, seminars, symposia and research on historical events and RFK assassination topics;
      • Promote public understanding of the historical record surrounding the Kennedy assassination and the political climate of that time;
      • Encourage the exchange of information among RFK assassination research professionals.